BROEN is an international leading manufacturer of valve technology and solutions for District Heating and Cooling, Building Installations, Gas Market as well as Marine & Power applications.

Customer satisfaction is essential for BROEN, and our continued success depends in particular of our current and potential future customers perception of delivered products and services. BROEN has established and implemented an integrated QHSE management system, based on the requirements in ISO 9001, ISO 45001 and ISO 14001.

The management system is based on the principles in BROEN’s company policy:

  • BROEN strives for excellence within valve technology and the high quality of our products is achieved by collective cross-functional efforts throughout the supply chain. We have a pro-active approach focusing in prevention of deviations and defects, rather than removing the effects of these. Through a high degree of entrepreneurship, new products and productions methods are continuously developed and implemented in production to improve our competitiveness and reliability. Together with our partners we share and learn from our experiences, and we have constant focus on cost efficiency throughout the entire supply chain.

  • BROEN takes care about the health and safety of our employees and are committed to relentless improvement of the work environment with strong focus on health and safety aspects. We strive for an accident free, secure and healthy work environment and have strong focus on prevention. We expect our suppliers to comply with all local rules and apply to the same principles. All our employees are involved in the safety work and are encouraged to take ownership in the improvements of work conditions and prevention of accidents and work related diseases.

  • BROEN work with the UN 17 SDG’s as a framework for our efforts in reducing the environmental footprints of the company, we have chosen to focus on following four sub goals to maximize our impact: 6. Clean water and sanitation, 7. Affordable and clean energy, 8. Decent work and economic growth, 12. Responsible consumption and production. Sustainability is an Integrated part of all our activities, and in all our facilities we have focus on reducing waste, pollution and use of energy where possible, New products are developed with a life-cycle-approach, ensuring that the overall environmental footprints of our products are continuously reduced. Our suppliers are expected to have an efficient use of raw materials and energy with focus on waste management and minimizing their environmental impact.

BROEN is conducting business with honesty and integrity, and all partners are treated respectfully. We co-operate and communicate openly in all matters with the relevant authorities. Our integrated management system is continually maintained and improved to ensure compliance to all applicable legal laws and any other requirements agreed with customers and other interested parties, e.g. PED Directive 2014/68/EU & API 6D.

The top-management of BROEN ensures that our staff members are familiar with this company policy and through training and information we do motivate our staff members to respect the company policy. This policy is regularly reviewed and updated by top-management with regards to continued relevance and adequacy.

Assens, 01-01-2024
Peter Ebdrup